Other Publishing Company – Q&A

Today on the blog independent publishers Other Publishing Company tell us a little bit about themselves.

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1. Tell us a bit about your company (background, size, imprints etc.)

The Other Publishing Company is an independent publisher of fiction and some non-fiction. We’re funded by venture capital and publish both print and e-books that have a unique voice and fresh perspective. We also have a short story imprint called Cracked Eye that sells single, and some illustrated, stories on Kindle for 99p or 99c. Every now and then we will feature two stories in one one volume by the same writer – we call these our ‘double features.’

2. How hard is it establishing a foothold in the publishing market as an independent publisher?

There’s no denying it’s difficult. But with any business it’s important to stand out and offer the customer value. With our long books that’s done by investing in works that offer something a little different. It’s also why we’re developing the Cracked Eye short story imprint where we have started to partner engaging, entertaining, and well-written fiction with exceptional illustrators, which we believe creates a great experience that’s good value for money.

3. What is your submission policy?

We’re pretty open minded and fairly relaxed when it comes to category and genre – our philosophy is to publish stories and books that engage, entertain and intrigue – but we do have submission guidelines and these can be found in the links below. We currently get a lot of submissions but we try to read every single one. The business is growing and so is our team and obviously commissioning the right work is hugely important, so we take it very seriously.

We also run writing competitions such as the Weekend Challenge, where we challenged writers to produce a 1000-word short story on a set title over the course of a weekend.

The Other Publishing Company submission guidelines: http://bit.ly/TOPCSubmit

Cracked Eye short story submission guidelines: http://bit.ly/CrackedEyeSubmit

4. Do you have any tips for those wanting to be published?

Always read the submission guidelines! Commissioning editors are just like anyone else, they get frustrated when people do not follow clear instructions and make their life difficult. Read and re-read your work for typos, punctuation and other errors. Be ruthless; it may be golden prose to you but is a reader going to like it and love it in the same way you do? Edit, edit, edit and then edit it some more. You’ll always find weaknesses and boring bits – take them out; less really can be more! And probably the most important thing is to research the publisher or agent you’re sending your work to. Ultimately publishing decisions are business decisions. Get a feel for what they publish and whether your book fits their market. For instance, right now the Other Publishing Company is clearly publishing a lot of short stories – so send us short stories, not long biographies or other non-fiction work. Blanket emailing every publisher under the sun will waste time and only lead to despair.

5. What are the best things about publishing, and the worst?

Best: Getting to read good submissions.

Worst: Getting to read bad submissions.

6. What does the future have in store for the Other Publishing Company?

We’ve just secured second-round funding and we are working on some exciting developments for the Cracked Eye imprint, which will be announced in the Autumn. So keep an eye out for that.


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