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Here you find links to book reviews, Q&As and other posts ordered by author.


Stefan Ahnhem – God bless the screenwriter (guest post)

Rennie Airth – The Reckoning

Aimee Alexander – Q&A

Nick Alexander – Q&A

Nick Alexander – Inspiration for Other Halves (guest post)

Jason Arnopp – The Last Days of Jack Sparks

Phillipa Ashley – Christmas in July and Summer in February (guest post)

A J Ashworth – Red Room

Kate Atkinson – Life After Life

Seth Augenstein – Laid Off


Kristen Bailey – Endings (guest post)

Jackie Baldwin – Q&A

Lisa Ballantyne – Q&A

Jean-Luc Bannalec – Death in Pont Aven

Jennifer Barclay – An Octopus in my Ouzo

Nancy Barone – Q&A

Nevada Barr – Destroyer Angel

Nicolas Barreau – The Secret Paris Cinema Club

Fiona Barton – The Widow

Belinda Bauer – The Beautiful Dead

Hannah Beckerman – Q&A

Louise Beech – The Art of Coincidence (guest post)

Louse Beech – Q&A

Anna Bell – Don’t Tell the Groom

Jacquelyn Benson – The Rise of the female protagonist (guest post)

Susmita Bhattacharya – Q&A

Kate Blackadder – Q&A

Jenny Blackhurst – The Inspiration Behind Before I Let You In (guest post)

Isobel Blackthorn – My Devilish Muse (guest post)

Jo Bloom – Q&A

Paula Brackston – Q&A

Rebecca Bradley – Q&A

Carys Bray – The Museum of You

Carys Bray – Sweet Home

Carys Bray – My favourite museums

Victoria Brock – Harriet the Hedgehog

Frances Brody – Death of an Avid Reader

Frances Brody – A Death in the Dales

Rob Boffard – The journey from idea to published book (guest post)

Sharon Bolton – Daisy in Chains

Sharon Bolton – Like This, Forever

Sharon Bolton – A Dark and Twisted Tide

Sharon Bolton –Now You See Me

Sharon Bolton – Dead Scared

Sharon Bolton – Q&A

Stephen Booth – Q&A

Paula Brackston – Q&A

Rebecca Bradley – Q&A

Cathy Bramley – Ivy Lane

Cathy Bramley – White Lies and Wishes

Su Bristow – The Selkie Legend (guest post)

Steph Broadribb – Deep Down Dead

Adam Brookes – Q&A

Emma Burstall – Q&A

Jessie Burton – The Miniaturist

Stephanie Butland – The inspiration behind Letters to my Husband (guest post)

Stephanie Butland – Lost for Words

Stephanie Butland – Q&A

Sarah Butler – More than 100 stories (guest post)

Jackie Buxton – Q&A


Emma Calin – Once Upon a Bike (guest post)

Graeme Cameron – Normal

Marie Campbell – Q&A

Joanna Cannon – The Trouble with Goats and Sheep

Donato Carrisi – The Hunter of the Dark

Clare Carson – Q&A

M.J. Carter – Q&A

Ray Celestin – The Axeman’s Jazz

Brenda Chapman – Cold Mourning

Emma Chapman – How to be a Good Wife

Emma Chapman – My Journey to Publication

Linden Chase – Q&A

Anna Chilvers – Q&A

E. O. Chirovici – The Book of Mirrors

Nancy Christie – Q&A

Angela Clarke – Follow Me extract

Abby Clements – The Winter Wedding

Katherine Clements – 17th Century costume dramas (guest post)

Brigid Coady – The Last Kiss

Ann Coates – From short stories to novels – how my writing has evolved (guest post)

Harlan Coben – Fool Me Once

Peg Cochran – Confession is Murder

Tammy Cohen – When She Was Bad

Daniel Cole – Ragdoll

Juliet Conlin – Writing The Uncommon Life of Alfred Garner in Six Days (guest post)

Oscar Coop-Phane – Zenith Hotel

Barbara Copperthwaite – Q&A

Jane Corry – Q&A

Joanna Courtney – What is it about Queens? (guest post)

Helen Cox – Secrets and Fries at the Starlight Diner (extract)

James Craig – Q&A

Mason Cross – Q&A

Jack Croxall – Want to read my diary? (guest post)

F.J. Curlow – Q&A



Stephen Deas – Culture and conflict in Fantasy fiction (guest post)

Lucy Diamond – The Year of Taking Chances

Lisa Dickenson – You Had Me at Merlot

Lisa Dickenson – The Twelve Dates of Christmas

Lisa Dickenson – My top five writing influences

Jean-Paul Didierlaurant – The Reader on the 6.27

Donatella Di Pietrantonio – My Mother is a River

Lucy Dillon – A Hundred Pieces of Me

Eva Dolan – After You Die

Eva Dolan – Watch Her Disappear

Rachel Dove – Q&A

Karl Drinkwater – Why we shouldn’t reject the short story and short story The Jug (guest post)

Renita D’Silva –Q&A

Daphne Du Maurier – Frenchman’s Creek


Laurie Ellingham – Why be a fiction writer (guest post)

Aven Ellis – On Beta Readers (guest post)

Amy Engel – The Roanoke Girls

Thomas Enger – Cursed

Harriet Evans- Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero


Linda Fagioli-Katsiotas – Q&A

Linda Fairstein – Devil’s Bridge

Derek Farrell – Death of a Diva

Lyn G Farrell – Q&A

Michael Farris Smith – Desperation Road (extract)

Eric Faye – Nagasaki

Lyndsay Faye – Timothy Wilde and the Myth of Modern Virtue (guest post)

Lyndsay Faye – Tammany Hall: the labor and the Irish in 19th century America (guest post)

Erica Ferencik – The River at Night

Erica Ferencik – Q&A

Katie Fforde – A French Affair

Katie Fforde – A Christmas in Disguise

Katie Fforde – The Perfect Match

Katie Fforde – A Vintage Wedding

Elle Field – Q&A

Helen Field – Perfect Remains (extract)

Susan Fletcher – Let Me Tell You About a Man I Knew

Tom Fletcher – Q&A

Sue Fortin – United States of Love

Christopher Fowler – The tricks behind Bryant and May (guest post)

Christopher Fowler – Q&A

Phoebe Fox – The Breakup Doctor

Guy Fraser-Sampson – Death in Profile

Ariana Franklin and Samantha Norman – Winter Siege

Claire Freedman and Ben Cort – Pirates Love Underpants

Kathryn Freeman – Too Charming

Kathryn Freeman – Writing a Christmas book…when it’s not Christmas (guest post)

Kate Frost – Q&A

Kate Furnivall – Q&A


Patrick Gale – A Place Called Winter

Lisa Gardner – Q&A

Sally Gardner – Tinder

Peter Gardos – Fever at Dawn

A.D. Garrett – Finding the Plot – Why I Outline (guest post)

Helene Gestern – The People in the Photo

James Grady – Q&A

Lauren Graham – Talking As Fast As I Can

Linda Grant – The Dark Circle

Vanessa Greene – A little piece of my heart (guest post)

Kes Grey & Jim Field – Oi, Frog!

Kes Grey & Jim Field – Oi, Dog!

Helen Giltrow – The journey to publication Q&A

Tara Guha – How to write a novel (event write up)


Jenny Hale – Why is Love Me for Me the perfect beach read? (guest post)

Linn B Halton – Forbidden

Kate Hamer – The Girl in the Red Coat

Sophie Hannah – Closed Casket

Emma Hannigan – The Summer Guest

John Harding – Q&A

Jane Harper – The Dry

Jenny Harper – writing about her character Daisy (guest post)

Carmel Harrington – Q&A

J0anne Harris – Runemarks (Extract)

Aidan Harte – Q&A

Ben Hatch – Road to Rouen

Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train

Barbara Henderson – Stumbling onto stories (guest post)

J Paul Henderson – Getting an agent or going it alone (guest post)

Sue Hendra and Liz Pichon – Dave

Veronica Henry – How to Find Love in a Bookshop

David Hewson – The House of Dolls

David Hewson – Q&A

Kati Hiekkapelto – The Hummingbird

Kati Hiekkapelto – The Defenceless

Kati Hiekkapelto & Antti Tuomainen – Favourite Crime Films (guest post)

Sarah Hilary  – Someone Else’s Skin

Sarah Hilary – No Other Darkness

Sarah Hilary – Tastes Like Fear

Antonia Hodgson – The Devil and the Marshalsea

Alice Hoffman – The Museum of Extraordinary Things

Faith Hogan – Q&A

Phil Hogan – A Pleasure and a Calling

Ruth Hogan – The Keeper of Lost Things

Ruth Hogan – A Piece of the Puzzle (guest post)

Catherine Hokin – Finding Margaret (guest post)

SJI Holliday – The birth of the book baby (guest post)

Anna Hope – The Ballroom

Kathryn Hughes – The Seventies – A Gastronomic Wasteland (guest post)

Sun-mi Hwang – The Dog Who Dared to Dream


Catharina Ingleman-Sundberg – Q&A

Deborah Install – Q&A

Jane Isaac – Where do your ideas come from? (guest post)

Jane Isaac – Q&A

Hamid Ismailov – The Dead Lake



Hope Jahren – Lab Girl

Daisy James – Rosie Hamilton from The Runaway Bridesmaid (guest post)

Laura James – The appeal of romantic fiction (guest post)

Laura James – Truth or Dare?

Mandy James – Q&A

Tove Jansson – The Summer Book

Anna Jaqueiry – The Lying Down Room

Anna Jaqueiry – Death in the Rainy Season

Anna Jaqueiry – Q&A

Sarah Jasmon – Q&A

Amanda Jennings – In Her Wake

Amanda Jennings – Q&A

Ragnar Jonasson – Snowblind

Ragnar Jonasson – Nightblind

Ragnar Jonasson – Rupture

Ragnar Jonasson – Q&A

Alan Jones – Q&A

Robin Jones and Ashley Stokes (editors) – Unthology 4

Jack Jordan – Q&A

Jack Jordan – What it really means to be a self-published author


M.R.C. Kasasian – The Mangle Street Murders

M.R.C. Kasasian – The Curse of the House of Foskett

Emma Kavanagh – The Missing Hours

Emma Kavanagh  – Falling

Emma Kavanagh – Hidden

Jonathan Kellerman – Breakdown

Jonathan Kellerman – Guilt

Jonathan Kellerman – Killer

Jonathan Kellerman – Heartbreak Hotel

Jonathan Kellerman – series link

Julia Kelly – Q&A

Christobel Kent – Setting the scene (guest post)

Christobel Kent – The Crooked House

Virginia King – The Champagne in the freezer (guest post)

Suzanne F Kingsmill – Dying for Murder

Renee Knight – Disclaimer

Michelle de Kretser – Springtime

Chris Kuzneski – Writer’s infidelity guest post


Lynda LaPlante – The Escape

Lucy Lawrie – Debut feature

Peter Laws – Purged

Antoine Laurain – The President’s Hat

Antoine Laurain – The Red Notebook

Donna Leon – The Golden Egg

Donna Leon – By Its Cover

Donna Leon – Falling in Love

Donna Leon – The Waters of Eternal Youth

Jon Lier Horst – My Friend in Crime

Elizabeth Little – Dear Daughter

Alison Littlewood – Q&A

Stephen Lloyd Jones – Top 5 writing tips (guest post)

Ethan Long – Fright Club

Sarah Lotz – The Three

Carol Lovekin – A is for Author (guest post)

Katey Lovell – On her Meet Cute series (guest post)

Katey Lovell – My Favourite romantic reads (guest post)

Rachael Lucas – Coming Up Roses

Rachael Lucas – Wildflower Bay

Rosamund Lupton – The Quality of Silence

C.J. Lyons – Last Light

Tara Lyons – Q&A


Sharon Maas – Q&A

Rebecca MacKenzie – Influences on writing In a Land of Paper Gods (guest post)

Gilly Macmillan – Q&A

Karen Maitland – A plague on all your cats (guest post)

Michael J Malone – Research (guest post)

Ruth Mancini – Q&A

Sarra Manning – It Felt Like a Kiss

Jill Mansell – You and Me, Always

Jill Mansell – Meet Me At Beachcomber Bay

Jill Mansell – Q&A

Hemmie Martin – Q&A

Holly Martin – The Sentinel

Holly Martin – Inspiration for The Guestbook

Rebecca Mascull – The Visitors

Rebecca Mascull – The Editing Process (guest post)

Peter May – Runaway

Peter May – Q&A

Stephen May – Q&A

Anna Mazzola – The Unseeing

Anna Mazzola – Legal Lore: The real case behind The Unseeing (guest post)

Colette McBeth – The Life I Left Behind

Colette McBeth – Five mistakes I’ve made (guest post)

Morgan McCarthy – A few tips on getting published (guest post)

Morgan McCarthy – Nine Neglected Houses in Novels (guest post)

Grace McCleen – The Offering

A.P. McCoy –Taking the Fall

Val McDermid – Northanger Abbey

Gary McElkerney – Volunteer

Claire McGowan – Q&A

M.J. McGrath – The Bone Seeker

Steve McHugh – Choose you own adventure (guest post)

Dan Micklethwaite – Q&A

Annika Milisic-Stanley – Writing about Strong Women in Exotic Locations (guest post)

Mark B Mills – Waiting for Doggo

Liz Mistry – Unquiet Souls Extract

J.S. Monroe – Q&A

Sue Moorcroft – Choosing a career for a character – guest post

Nikki Moore – Q&A

Sinead Moriarty – Q&A

J B Morrison – The Extraordinary Life of Frank Derrick, Aged 81

Warren Murphy – Created, the Destroyer

Ben Myers – Q&A

Jung Myung-Lee – The Investigation


Barbara Nadal – Cold heated killer? Moi? (guest post)

Grant Nicol – Bucking the Trend and Q&A (guest post)

DB Nielson – The British Museum and Fantasy (guest post)

Liz Nugent – Unravelling Oliver

Liz Nugent – Lying in Wait

Liz Nugent – Q&A


Carol O’Connell – Mallory’s Oracle

Sheila O’Flanagan – What this anniversary means to me (guest post)

Aki Ollikainen – White Hunger

Ann O’Loughlin – Baking my troubles away (guest post)


Natalie Page – Zak and Jen’s Astronomical Adventure review and Why write children’s fiction?

P.I. Paris – From stage to page (guest post)

Phaedra Patrick – The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper

Clare Pedrick  – Q&A

Tasmina Perry – Why I set my novel in the Deep South (guest post)

Christina Philippou – Q&A

Sarah Pinborough – Mayhem

Sarah Pinborough – The Language of Dying

Amanda Prowse – A Little Love


Matthew Quick – Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock

Anthony Quinn – The Blood-Dimmed Tide


Rebecca Raisin- Q&A

Anne Randell/ AJ McCreanor – Q&A

Agnes Ravatn – The Bird Tribunal

Amanda Reynolds – The Inspiration Behind Close to Me (guest post)

Rod Reynolds – The Dark Inside

Danny Rhodes – Writing whilst working (guest post)

Rachel Rhys – A Dangerous Crossing

Miranda Richardson – A Parcel for Anna Browne

Alison  Ripley-Cubitt – Q&A

Chris Rivers Nuttall – Q&A

J.D. Robb – Obsession in Death

J.D. Robb – Echoes in Death

Vanessa Ronan – Q&A

Steven Rowley – Lily and the Octopus

Leigh Russell – Writing my first book (guest post)

William Ryan – The Constant Soldier


Daniela Sacerdoti – Q&A

Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera – The Awakening of Miss Prim

Saskia Sarginson – Q&A

Kate Saunders – The Secrets of Wishtide

Holly Seddon – Q&A

Eve Seymour – Q&A

Julie Shackman – Guest post on romantic heroes

Sara Sheridan – Q&A

Jane Simmons – Come on, Daisy!

Graeme Simsion – The Rosie Project

Tracey Sinclair – The pleasures and perils of writing longhand (guest post)

Curtis Sittenfeld – Eligible

Margaret Skea – Q&A

Fleur Smithwick – Q&A

David Solomons – Not Another Happy Ending

Natasha Solomons – Q&A

Natasha Solomons – The Song Collector

Elaine Spires – Q&A

Nicholas Sparks – The Best of Me

Cath Staincliffe – Q&A

Michael Stanley – Deadly Harvest

Michael Stanley – Q&A

Jason Starr – Q&A

Erik Axl Sund – Q&A

Grant Sutherland – Q&A

Marie Suzin – Her Father’s Daughter

Jason Starr – Q&A

Marcie Steele – Q&A

Bernie Stevens – Q&A

Emily St John-Mandel – Station Eleven

Graham Swift – Mothering Sunday

S D Sykes – The Butcher Bird

S D Sykes – Plague Land

S D Sykes – Q&A


William G Tapply – Death at Charity’s Point

Leslie Tate – Heaven’s Rage, An Imaginary Autobiography (guest post)

D J Taylor – Wrote for Luck

Jon Teckman – Q&A

Tilly Tennant – Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn playlist guest post

Jo Thomas – Q&A

Lesley Thomson – Q&A

Chris Tetrault-Blay – The Five Horsemen: The Influences that led me towards the (Wildermoor) Apocalypse (guest post)

Sophia Tobin – The Vanishing

G.X. Todd – Movies I loved in 2016 (guest post)

Joanna Trollope – Sense & Sensibility



Peter Verhelst – The Man I Became

Caroline Vermalle – George’s Grand Tour

Sarah Vincent – All the Lonely People guest post

Tom Vowler – The merits and difficulties of writing from a female perspective guest post


Caroline Wallace – The Finding of Martha Lost

Sarah Ward – In Bitter Chill

Sarah Ward – A Deadly Thaw

Katherine Webb – Book Covers

Matt Wesolowski – Six Stories

Jack and Michael Whitehall – Him and Me

T A Williams – The highs and lows of being a writer

Laura Wilkinson – Q&A

Lorraine Wilson – The Art of Seduction inspiration (guest post)

Monica Wood – The One-in-a-Million Boy

Carol E Wyer – Grumpy Old Menopause



Natalie Young – Season to Taste


Koethi Zan – Q&A

Gabrielle Zevin – The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry