What I’ve read this year – 2017

I read for fun. I love the escapism reading brings but I also love how you can learn from all types of books, not just non-fiction. I don’t think that reading challenges are serious, they just allow me to track books I’ve read and perhaps think a little more about what I am going to read.

I’m also interested in reading a variety of books so I want to make sure that I’m not just concentrating on one genre.

In addition I thought it may be fun to try to read my way around the world and try to read a book for each letter of the alphabet. With this in mind I’ve decided to keep a list of the countries the books I read are based in. I’ll up date this as and when I have a new country or book to add.

I’m aiming to read 70 books this year, though I may struggle so I’ve decided to include the children’s books I have to read over the year (sadly I can only count them once,  not the many, many times I have to read them – and that’s just on one particular night)

So far I’ve read 34/70 books.

Those books have covered the following parts of the globe.


The Language of Dying

Persuasion – twice


Six Stories

The Dark Circle

Lost for Words

Quieter Than Killing

The Madwoman Upstairs

A Secret Garden

Let the Dead Speak

An Act of Silence




Hell’s Gate

Earthly Remains




The Last Summer


The Wages of Sin

A Summer at Sea


Block 46


Deep Down Dead

Echoes in Death

The Marsh King’s Daughter

The Roanoke Girls

Heartbreak Hotel

Killer Look

See What I Have Done

American Housewife

Tin Man

Around the world cruise:

A Deadly Crossing